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  • December 16, 2010

Happy-Libs: We’re All In It Together

No matter what field we specialize in, each of us faces common day-to-day responsibilities, tasks, and expectations Decorative Illustration of awesomeness at our jobs. Sometimes we might assume that people in different roles don’t face the same challenges; however, when we break it down to the basics, it might surprise us how much we all have in common. See for yourself!

To get started, simply fill out the fields below with terms that match the word or phrase described, like Mad Libs! Be as serious or as silly as you’d like; I promise it will be more fun than filling out a 27b/6. >

Job Title

Company Name



Famous Character

Job Task


Product (Plural)




Job Title (Plural)

A Gross Food


Product (Singular)

Outdated Technology

A Member of New Edition



Unit of Measurement



Movie Genre

Fictional Monster

CSS Property

Verb Ending In “-ing”


Current Technology


Internet Saying

Screen Grab Software

Social Media Outlet

Blogging Platform

See results!

As the working at , I find my job very ! Some days are , other days I feel like . I’m sure we can all relate.

One of the things I like most about my job is . I think it’s that we cater to our users’ needs and make sure our don’t exclude anyone. Sometimes this is and can add more to a project, but, in the long run, we provide those users with the best .

Not everyone sees it this way. Some would rather eat then their in . As would say though, that’s their . However, I will stick by the that it’s a of our job that we shouldn’t ignore. If we don’t for our users, who will?

Besides, it’s not anymore, we know all the that throws at us, so let’s agree to throw a : 1% on there and stop about it. Besides, that will give us more time to about ! And I know we can all on that one! !

Feel free to fill this out and use your favorite to share your answers through or on your own !!

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