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Ensuring the work we do can be experienced by everyone.

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  1. Rdio web

    Did Rdio Throw the Web Under the Bus?

    Headshot of Brandon Rosage


    by Brandon Rosage

    Rdio announced last month that its music service would be available “free in the U.S. on the web.” The service is still accessible on desktop web browsers with Flash installed, but the site instructs users on smartphone and tablet browsers to access its service via native applications. So, is Rdio’s use of the term “the web” faithful to its technical implementation? Our own developer Brandon Rosage debates the issue with his brother Tyson, a software designer at Treehouse.

  2. Team sport

    Making Front-end Development a Team Sport

    Headshot of Jenn Lukas


    by Jenn Lukas

    “All code in any code-base should look like a single person typed it, no matter how many people contributed,” is one of the many ideas behind documents such as Rick Waldon’s Idiomatic JS and Nicolas Gallagher’s Idiomatic CSS.

  3. Hc blog Main Article Illustration v102 00 CC

    Blue Beanie Day – Celebrate You!

    Headshot of Jeffrey Zeldman


    by Jeffrey Zeldman

    A funny thing happened on the way to the multi-device world we design and live in. The web standards movement happened.