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Breath Mints

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  1. 67 CC Letter

    Dear Branding Agencies,

    Headshot of Chris Cashdollar


    by Chris Cashdollar

    You’ve crafted the “big picture” view. The client loves the new branding direction; they can practically smell the future you’ve unveiled for them. Now it’s time to get to work. That means you likely have a bazillion different projects in play to bring this new brand to life: identity packages, brochures of all shapes and sizes, tickets, annual reports, bus wraps, on-site signage, and, yes, the website.

  2. Hc illo 012

    One Man's Ceiling

    Headshot of Jeffrey Zeldman


    by Jeffrey Zeldman

    Any mint can mask lunch breath, but only Certs has a golden drop of Retsyn. That drop and its golden hue, which no one but a copywriter has ever seen (the actual visual end-product is a trail of green flecks), may have made a powerful differentiator back when Tang was a breakfast drink, but it’s not enough to sway a modern consumer.