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  1. Dp illo mondrian

    Deploying to WPEngine via a GitHub Action

    Headshot of Oka Tai-Lee


    by Oka Tai-Lee

    WPEngine (WPE) is a great WordPress-only hosting platform. One of the best features is the ability to use git push to deploy your code to your site with just one click. This feature is super handy, but what if you are working on a team and don’t want each developer to have to set up an ssh key and remotes?

  2. Hc blog Main Article Illustration v144 JR

    Getting Started with GitHub Actions

    Headshot of Sue Malomo


    by Sue Malomo

    Using GitHub Actions for your CI/CD (Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery or Deployment) process offers some great features and solves a number of pain points, such as automated testing and sending notifications for successes/failures.

  3. Cog 312 DP

    The "Cog" File

    Headshot of Paul Phan


    by Paul Phan

    On any given week, I might be working on 2-3 different projects at a time. I’ll often have to dip into an old project, start a new project, or assist another developer in their current project. When you’re dealing with so many files with so many different authors, you realize the importance of a well documented and updated README file. Every project has its own requirements, installation processes, coding styles, content management system, etc. A well documented README file can save a developer hours of time.