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relationship building

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    Tips for Working from Home

    Headshot of Alex Kendrick


    by Alex Kendrick

    In 2021, we went from a company with two offices where many of our people worked daily, to a fully remote company. While some of us have years of experience working from home, many others were new to it.

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    Vendor Selection Advice From The Front Lines...

    Headshot of Joe Rinaldi


    by Joe Rinaldi

    Recently, I offered my suggestions regarding the RFP construction and management process, but I left my dear readers with a cliffhanger… Now that your RFP is complete and you’re evaluating responses and pitches, how do you select the right proposal?

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    On-Site Anthropology

    Headshot of Rawle Anders


    by Rawle Anders

    At Happy Cog, we try to use the latest web technologies to bring our virtual teams (and families) together. But sometimes, a virtual meetup just won’t do—most notably, the kickoff meeting to start a new client project. Few things can impact a project’s success like the team building that takes place during the workshop sessions, lunches, and post-meeting drinks of a client on-site visit—after all, raising a virtual toast isn’t nearly as satisfying as clinking two glasses together.