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  1. Cognition Illustration CS

    Sharpen Your #2 Pencil. It’s RFP time.

    Headshot of Katie High


    by Katie High

    Around here, it’s PSSA (Pennsylvania System of School Assessment) season. I hear lots of stories from friends and family about the extremes of testing. Most recently, my brother-in-law demonstrated for us how he is required to respond to student questions during the test. Monotone. Neutral. Dispassionate. Not an easy task for a music teacher.

  2. Temp file hc blog Main Article Illustration v801

    Vendor Selection Advice From The Front Lines...

    Headshot of Joe Rinaldi


    by Joe Rinaldi

    Recently, I offered my suggestions regarding the RFP construction and management process, but I left my dear readers with a cliffhanger… Now that your RFP is complete and you’re evaluating responses and pitches, how do you select the right proposal?

  3. Hc blog Main Article Illustration v78

    RFP Advice From The Front Lines

    Headshot of Joe Rinaldi


    by Joe Rinaldi

    Stop what you’re doing! John Conner sent me from the future to prevent you from authoring this RFP. I’ve seen the aftermath. Internal teams at odds over the redesigned site, users confused by an experience that somehow got more complicated, unreconciled technologies, hopes dashed, dogs and cats living together, mass hysteria.