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  • June 7, 2012


For this week’s installment of Cognition, I thought I’d share some random thoughts as the president of a small company. Some I heed, some I need to heed. Decorative Illustration

  1. Always recognize and appreciate hard work.
  2. Always have enough toilet paper.
  3. Always pay for happy hour.
  4. Always have a backup plan.
  5. Always lead by example.
  6. Always know where the cafe car stops.
  7. Always have enough cable ties.
  8. Always provide opportunities.
  9. Always respond to meeting invitations.
  10. Always plan something to look forward to.
  11. Always have a line of credit.
  12. Always make sure you don’t hit “reply to all” by mistake.
  13. Always pay the electric bill.
  14. Always throw a fun holiday party.
  15. Always know your work makes or breaks you.
  16. Always respect opinions that aren’t aligned with yours.
  17. Always opt for early boarding on Southwest.
  18. Always book SXSW hotels in August.
  19. Always take a deep breath.
  20. Always take a chance.
  21. Always have control of the music.
  22. Always have access to good coffee.
  23. Always have access to good beer.
  24. Always laugh at least once a day.
  25. Always go outside and walk.
  26. Always know who owes you money.
  27. Always accept criticism.
  28. Always anticipate the boarding stairway at Penn Station.
  29. Always seek advice.
  30. Always enjoy your work.

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