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  • April 25, 2024

Take Your Child to (Remote) Work Day 2024

Decorative Illustration In honor of this year's Take Your Child to Work Day, Happy Coggers again asked their kids: “What do I do at work?” Here’s what they answered:

Amy Hall, Project Manager:

  • Brighton, age 19 - "Hustle"
  • Levi, age 17 - "If you aren't already, you should be a Zoom sponsor with all the calls you're on all day."
  • Lucy, age 12 - "Seems like you just help people do their jobs better and remind them what to do all the time. Kind of like a work-mom."

Alex Kendrick, Developer:

  • Meghan, age 11 - "you design websites... I think"
  • Elsa, age 14 - "you're a web developer. you code websites"

Belinda Amaturo, Full-Charge Bookkeeper: Aaron, age 14 - "You write and send emails all day, and you're an accountant or something like that."

Chris Lagasse, Developer:

  • Emmeline, age 5 - "Coding. Code words. Meet up at conferences, and meet up with your coworkers."
  • Jacob, age 3 - "You work at Poppa's (grandfather's) house. You worked on my birthday stuff."

Diana Cherian, Project Manager: Antonio, age 2.5 - He pointed to my laptop, then said, "calls".

Flor Guzman, Developer: Camila, age 10 - "I think my mom creates apps and she codes to make it. I also think she works for clients and creates new things in the app. Another thing I would think my mom does at work is edit objects and decide on hard choices while editing."

Gary Reckard, Developer: Darwin, age 4 - "I think you make asteroids."

Jeremy Greenawalt, Developer: Shepard, age 6 - "Sell websites. You also do meetings."

John Daskovsky, Developer:

  • Jai, age 9 - "You make apps and websites for companies... hehe you make money for families haha"
  • Ardis, age 11 - "You make apps for people. Oh sorry, sorry -- you make money for families. Dad, you make apps and fix things for people."

Julian Fann, Developer: Lily, age 3 - "I don’t know."

Kerry Connolly, Project Manager: Mia, age 9 - "A manager - Tell people what to do to make a website."

Lodewijk Schutte, Developer: Toon, age 6 - "You sit in your room and look at letters and talk English to people."

Maria Martinez, Developer: Vitalina, age 18 - "You make websites... or something"

Mark Huot, Developer: Walker & Ellie Huot, age 11 - Initially: "I don't know". After pressuring them to answer: "Talk on the phone."

Matt Weinberg, Co-Founder:

  • Sarah, age 10 - "You talk to people at conferences, you have meetings with Mara and other people, you code things, you debug things, and you run code while I brush my teeth."
  • Aiden, age 8 - "You make apps, and you fix apps that people are trying to hack. And you code things."

Rick Wiltsie, Developer:

  • Dean, age 9 - "You code... you work really hard coding."
  • Joe, age 7 -  "I'm not telling you"

Sara Hillyer, Controller: Annie, age 6 - Annie: "Mommy, when did you decide you wanted to be a calculator?" Me: "You mean an accountant?" Annie: "Oh yeah, that's the same thing right?"

Sara Hoffman, Project Manager:

  • Arwen, age 6 - "Meetings"
  • Milo, age 9.75 - "You do Ads"

Sue Malomo, Developer: Dermot, age 15 - "Computer stuff with making websites and apps"

Thanks to these children of Happy Coggers for their help!

(And here's the 2021 version of this same question!)

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