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just for fun

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    Take Your Child to Work Day

    Headshot of Alyse Lorber


    by Alyse Lorber

    In honor of Take Your Child to Work Day, we asked Happy Cog kids: “What does your parent do at work?” Here’s what they answered:

  2. Handcrafted kk

    Creating Things Just for Fun

    Headshot of Katie Kovalcin


    by Katie Kovalcin

    It’s easy to get caught up in the daily grind of researching and strategizing wonderfully thought out websites. Sometimes, it’s nice to cut loose and create things just for fun, away from the computer screen. Thus, our monthly Happy Cog Handcrafted Challenge (HCHC) was born.

    February was its inaugural month, and I led the effort. I wanted to take things back to elementary school and do an anonymous valentine exchange (though, I used the term “valentine” loosely—really just any card stuffed in an envelope would do).