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  • April 3, 2014

Creating Things Just for Fun

HCHC #001

It’s easy to get caught up in the daily grind of researching and strategizing wonderfully Decorative Illustration thought out websites. Sometimes, it’s nice to cut loose and create things just for fun, away from the computer screen. Thus, our monthly Happy Cog Handcrafted Challenge (HCHC) was born.

February was its inaugural month, and I led the effort. I wanted to take things back to elementary school and do an anonymous valentine exchange (though, I used the term “valentine” loosely—really just any card stuffed in an envelope would do).


Leaving the cards anonymous eliminated the stress of making a card for a specific person.


We mailed our Philadelphia office’s cards to Austin and our Austin cards to Philly, and, a few days later over Skype, all participants drew cards from their office’s delivery. It was great to see what everyone thought of, and it was fun to see who picked other’s cards. We photographed each card, held by its new owner.


We unanimously agreed it felt good to be making something for ourselves, and we all thoroughly love the results we received from our fellow participants.


We look forward to next month’s Handcrafted Challenge, when we will yet again leave our computers behind to get our hands dirty and make things for fun.

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