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  • December 22, 2015

The news from 2015

It’s been a busy year for Happy Cog, but it’s never too busy to recognize the people you’ve been fortunate enough to work with, the work you’ve done together with great clients, and acknowledge a happy and healthy 2015. Decorative Illustration

In 2015 we went house hunting on, effortlessly ordered some late night pizza from Papa John’s, connected everyone from Beyoncé to your favorite garage band through MTV Artists, redesigned Puerto Rico’s most beloved news destination El Nuevo Día for a new home on all screens, unleashed the thought leading content at the Institute for New Economic Thinking, connected unparalleled education with the world through the Harvard Extension School, got super friendly with starting with mobile, built the University of San Francisco redesign, and helped breathe new digital life into Rush just in time for their 40th anniversary tour.

Look for new case studies followed by a brand new in 2016.

We’ve shared our thoughts on process, on work, and on life on Cognition. The most popular 10 articles of 2015 had a broad, inclusive view of the web, were born in code, and are process focused, just like us.

Put a pseudo-class on it
Working with Patternlab
Can an algorithm do your job?
Get hired
Structured typography with Sass maps
Craft + Patternlab = Buzzwords!
The detail-less project plan
Keep the web healthy
Webfont licensing 101
Enquire for backgrounds

Back here on the homefront we couldn’t have accomplished all that we did this year without the welcome additions of Dan DeLauro, Amanda Buck, Courtney Sabo, and Andréa Pié.

We’ve been fortunate to collaborate with irreplaceable strategic partners this past year, too. Thank you to Mary van Ogtrop, the Laundromat team Pete Manning and Laura Hahn, Nicole Fenton, Greg Thompson, Duran Goodyear, Matt Callahan, Lisa Maria Martin, Sara Wachter-Boettcher, Dave Dawson, Heather Willis, Sue Apfelbaum, our SuperFriends Dan Mall, Josh Clark, and TJ Pitre, and the teams at Lullabot, Fastspot, and Plank.

Our partnership with Drexel University and their excellent co-op students extended this year to include Paul Phan and Joe Howanski and we wholeheartedly continue our support of Girl Develop It, and now ELA Conf.

It’s been a year of No-Meeting-Wednesdays, Show & Tell, working from home, working from Europe, rewriting the rulebook, and experimentation. It was filled with vacations all over the globe and down the shore, new babies, new apartments, and new cities we’re calling home.

Thank you Abby, Dave, Andréa, Dan, Mark, Allison, Stephen, Chelsea, Paul, Joe, MJ, Amanda, Aura, Dana, Courtney, Jeffrey, and Greg. Your dedication to maintaining a high standard is a perpetual inspiration, and you make it a delight along the way. It was a year where everyone at Happy Cog led, everyone leveled up.

Thank you to the bigger web community for your tweets, comments, ideas, innovations, support, and collaboration. We’re truly lucky to work in this space, with the kind, open, thoughtful people who inhabit it.

Wishing all a happy and healthy 2016. Looking forward to seeing you there.

Joe Rinaldi

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