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  • October 23, 2015

The Web: yesterday, today

The beauty of web was pure once
Design and dev in an unexplored medium
A true alternative to corporate tedium
A rise to type, deservedly so
Was anyone sad to see Comic sans go? Decorative Illustration

A platform to design and build what we love
True to yourself, no judgement very judged
A community, fractured, passive, and small
We’ve collaborated, shared, and set the standards
We’ve made the web something to be remembered

Websites, commodities, no longer artistic passion
A grind to differentiate, instead we obfuscate
Products, excitement, the new reaction
Interest in products, the work fills a void
Or are we looking to simply stay employed

The web isn’t dead, though some may imply
Clients need help, on us they rely
But who needs it, and who gives it
Defines this community and all within it
For the web to matter to them, it must matter to us

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