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  1. Hc blog Main Article Illustration v126 JR

    Turn Signals

    Headshot of Brenna Heaps


    by Brenna Heaps

    For my first driving lesson my father took me to the empty elementary school parking lot across the street from my house on a Saturday afternoon. He drove over, parked the car, switched seats with me, then instructed me to drive.

  2. Hc blog Main Article Illustration v125 ss

    (Auto) Prefix All The Things

    Headshot of Stephen Caver


    by Stephen Caver

    We’ve been on the Sass bandwagon here at Happy Cog for quite some time. It’s become an essential integration into our workflow. Sass’ power manifests in many ways. It makes it easier to maintain our code, it enables a modular architecture, and it helps us scale our CSS. There is a problem, though. I’m sure you all have been there.