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  1. Stats

    Thomas Bayes, Save Me From Statistics!

    Headshot of Joe Rinaldi


    by Joe Rinaldi

    The only class I’ve ever failed was Statistics. I mean I flat-out failed that class.

    Since then, I’ve been statistically impaired. I’ve never argued with the value of crunching collected data, but I’ve always struggled to see the value in statistically-predictive analysis. In my role in sales, however, I’m very interested in understanding the behavior and the alchemy behind our sales process. Many of our leads come in through our online planner, but discerning how they arrived at the gates of our form has always been a mystery.

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    Keep Calm and Carry On

    Headshot of Brett Harned


    by Brett Harned

    You know the poster: the one that was really amazingly-inspiring for a few minutes in 2000 until it was killed by hundreds of parodies. I’ll admit it. I loved it when I first saw it. Still do.

  3. Large 2

    Win Some, Lose Some

    Headshot of Joe Rinaldi


    by Joe Rinaldi

    We work in a wonderfully open community where ideas and best practices are shared and implemented liberally. Well, except when it comes to sales.

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    All Systems Are Go!(ing to Come Apart)

    Headshot of Michael Johnson


    by Michael Johnson

    Bless her soul, Bessie stunk at jigsaw puzzles. She seemed less interested in recreating the dissected bucolic scene she’d purchased at Rose’s pharmacy decades ago than she was in hurriedly rearranging and redefining the jumbled mess splashed onto the modest kitchen table in front of her. There was no right way, just her way—and the multiple arrangements that lay ahead were every bit as valid to her as the ordered state its designer printed on the box. She just can’t see well, I figured. I never asked.

  5. Hc blog Main Article Illustration v89 YPC

    Shut It Down!

    Headshot of Joe Rinaldi


    by Joe Rinaldi

    While cruising the boardwalk with my family this weekend, I was struck by what the boardwalk has in common with web design and development: ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.

  6. Temp file hc blog Main Article Illustration v801

    Vendor Selection Advice From The Front Lines...

    Headshot of Joe Rinaldi


    by Joe Rinaldi

    Recently, I offered my suggestions regarding the RFP construction and management process, but I left my dear readers with a cliffhanger… Now that your RFP is complete and you’re evaluating responses and pitches, how do you select the right proposal?

  7. Hc blog Main Article Illustration v78

    RFP Advice From The Front Lines

    Headshot of Joe Rinaldi


    by Joe Rinaldi

    Stop what you’re doing! John Conner sent me from the future to prevent you from authoring this RFP. I’ve seen the aftermath. Internal teams at odds over the redesigned site, users confused by an experience that somehow got more complicated, unreconciled technologies, hopes dashed, dogs and cats living together, mass hysteria.