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  1. Hcw shepherd

    4 Ways GA4 Will Change How You Do Analysis

    Headshot of Jason Studstill


    by Jason Studstill

    We love Google Analytics. We know our way around Google Analytics (GA) like the back of our hands. We can answer almost any business question with our eyes closed. We can bend any report to our will. We know all the tricks to turn any GA setup into a Cadillac for advanced web analysis. But things are changing, and the world is different now...and no, I'm not just talking about the pandemic.

  2. Ready launch update2

    Ready. Launch. Update!

    Headshot of Dave DeRuchie


    by Dave DeRuchie

    The ability to update a website based on current information is often overlooked by clients and vendors alike. This may be the most missed opportunity in what we do.

    Get Ready to Get Ready

    When we start a redesign project, the possibilities for what the new site can be seem endless, but project work is often based on the best information available at the time. We strive to balance information requirements and business objectives with time and budget constraints. We adapt our approach as we learn more through the project. When it comes time for launching our client’s site, ultimately, both parties make sacrifices, and some requirements may not make it into the initial launch.