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  • May 28, 2019

Is This Thing STILL On?

Decorative Illustration Cognition launched on October 7th, 2010 with this very interesting inaugural post by Happy Cog Founder Jeffrey Zeldman. It began as a “design blog”, then evolved over many years serving a loyal community seeking interesting content relevant to the ever-growing digital space. We’ve heard testimonials from many past and present Happy Cog team members, as well as external parties, about the contribution Cognition served them as they grew their own abilities and careers.

Therefore, today we are excited to announce that we have committed to revitalizing Cognition! In addition to the updated look, you will come to notice that we are taking a more comprehensive look at advances and trends in our industry, including design, content, development, digital marketing, and plenty of topics in between.

As I write this, Happy Cog is comprised of 64 exceptionally skilled team members. As a team, we are so proud of the knowledge and expertise contained within our walls and are thrilled to now have this outlet to share that thought leadership that will further contribute to our community of friends, colleagues, peers, and even competitors. To learn more about the agency, visit our main website at

As Jeffrey Zeldman wrote in October 2010, “So that’s Cognition (redux), and I’ll spare you the obligatory definition, if not the obligatory link. Knowing is all, and those who don’t know, blog. Happy Cognition, and thanks for listening.”

Stay tuned!

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