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  1. Team sport

    Making Front-end Development a Team Sport

    Headshot of Jenn Lukas


    by Jenn Lukas

    “All code in any code-base should look like a single person typed it, no matter how many people contributed,” is one of the many ideas behind documents such as Rick Waldon’s Idiomatic JS and Nicolas Gallagher’s Idiomatic CSS.

  2. Invention is slow

    Invention is slow.

    Headshot of Michael Johnson


    by Michael Johnson

    By now you’ve probably seen Noah Stokes tweet assailing responsive web design’s command over aesthetic:

  3. Thumbnail 1

    Good work isn't enough.

    Headshot of Greg Hoy


    by Greg Hoy

    When I was a young designer, I always asked other people how they got noticed for their work. The answer I most consistently received was “do good work.” Now, when people ask me the same question, I respond with the same answer. Good work always speaks for itself. It’s a self-promoting robot.

  4. Hc blog Main Article Illustration v102 00 CC

    Blue Beanie Day – Celebrate You!

    Headshot of Jeffrey Zeldman


    by Jeffrey Zeldman

    A funny thing happened on the way to the multi-device world we design and live in. The web standards movement happened.

  5. Hc blog Main Article Illustration v95 01 PM

    Elevating the Podium

    Headshot of Aura Seltzer


    by Aura Seltzer

    Design conferences are complicated beasts. They are weeklong marathons and single-day sprints. They are hotel ballroom affairs and intimate gatherings. They teach new skills and polish old ones. They appeal to the novice, expert, academic, and hipster alike. And, to add to their intricacy, depending on the marketing angle, we call them symposiums, conventions, festivals, and even the casual [insert word here]-cons.

  6. Hc blog Main Article Illustration v91 00 MJ

    If you could learn anything, what would it be?

    Headshot of Jenn Lukas


    by Jenn Lukas

    This can be absolutely anything. Go ahead and think about it for a minute. I recently posed this question at my dConstruct talk (slides / audio) a couple of weeks ago and received a variety of answers. Learning a new language was a popular response. So was learning how to cook, garden, ski, and do “The Robot.”

  7. Hc blog Main Article Illustration v71 00 YPC

    On Forgotten Alumni and Cold Pleas for Cash

    Headshot of Jessica Ivins


    by Jessica Ivins

    Like many of you, I’m a busy person, yet it’s important that I find time for the occasional phone call to Mom and Dad. A typical phone conversation with my Mom starts like this:

    Me: “Hi Mom, it’s me. How are you doing?”

  8. Hc blog Main Article Illustration v65 00 YPC3

    Please Put Down the Device & Let’s Just Talk

    Headshot of Dave DeRuchie


    by Dave DeRuchie

    Warning, if you are reading this in a meeting STOP! Put down your mobile device or laptop and slowly lift your head and eyes upward until you see (and hear) the person speaking!

  9. Hc blog Main Article Illustration v58 00 MJ

    The Gift of Giving

    Headshot of Jenn Lukas


    by Jenn Lukas

    One of the interesting things about being in front-end development and the open web is that once you publish your website, anyone can see your work. Whether you use Firebug or Web Inspector or good old View Source, you can view everything I do in a quick click. This has always been one part terrifying to me (I swear those extra spans were the CMS WYSIWYG’s idea) and three parts awesome. As someone who loves web standards and the idea of creating a better web for all, I think it’s radical to share what we do with each other. If you threw all of our code from the interwebs into one big room, it would be one heck of a learning party.

  10. Hc blog Main Article Illustration v341

    Attack of the Client Services Zombies

    Headshot of Kevin Hoffman


    by Kevin Hoffman

    Khoi Vinh recently shared some inspiring insights on the evolution of opportunities for design professionals in the digital realm in a post entitled The End of Client Services. He has, as of the time of this publishing, since revisited and revised his thoughts. If you haven’t read these posts, you should, because it’s good stuff. I’ll wait.