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What we’re passionate about.


  1. Accessibility (3)

    Ensuring the work we do can be experienced by everyone.

  2. Ads (1)

  3. automation (1)

  4. Back-end Development (10)

  5. Beep (1)

  6. Blue Beanie Day (1)

  7. Build Tools (2)

  8. Career (25)

  9. Client Relations (18)

    The precision recipe of surprises, thrills, and fulfillment we provide. For clients.

  10. Client Services (16)

  11. Cognition (1)

  12. Cognition Roundtable (4)

  13. collaboration (9)

  14. Community (25)

  15. Company (20)

  16. content management systems (1)

  17. Content Strategy (2)

  18. Creative Direction (7)

    Hire good people and help them be great.

  19. Data Analysis (1)

  20. Design (45)

    Using type, color, space and symbols to communicate.

  21. Design Thinking (16)

  22. developer tools (1)

  23. Entropy (1)

  24. Events (1)

  25. Exploration (4)

  26. Family (2)

  27. Focus (5)

  28. Friends (1)

  29. Front-end Development (29)

  30. Ghouls (1)

  31. Grid Systems (2)

  32. grunt (1)

  33. Hey Hoy (1)

  34. Illustration (1)

  35. Internships (1)

  36. Meeting Design (3)

  37. Mobile (1)

  38. Networking (1)

  39. order (1)

  40. Persuasion (4)

  41. Photoshop (6)

  42. Plastic Name Badges (1)

  43. Post-Processing (1)

  44. Process (78)

    How to succeed (and sometimes fail).

  45. Product management (1)

  46. Professional Development (2)

  47. Project Definition (3)

    Wait a minute, what exactly are we building here?

  48. Project Management (22)

    Cats, dogs, deliverables, phases: how we herd them into a nice, “delivered on time” line.

  49. Proof of Concept (1)

  50. Prototyping (8)

  51. Quality Assurance (3)

  52. Research (3)

  53. responsive images (1)

  54. RFP (2)

  55. Sales (15)

    In which Happy Cog staff discuss the dance steps before the design engagement.

  56. Site analytics (1)

  57. Space (1)

  58. Standards (3)

  59. Strategy (23)

    Some have pronounced it “strategery.” We, on the other hand, are talking about strategy that actually works.

  60. SVG (1)

  61. SXSW (3)

    Thoughts and musings on Happy Cog’s love love relationship with the annual interactive conference, SXSW.

  62. Team (32)

  63. Technology (2)

  64. the fold (1)

  65. The Happy Cog Way (10)

  66. Tutorial (1)

  67. Usability (3)

  68. User Experience (9)

    The mysterious (and frequently debated) intersection of design, interaction, usability, information architecture, and that secret special sauce that combine to make something greater than the sum of its parts.

  69. User Testing (2)

  70. Values (1)

  71. Webfonts (1)

  72. Work/Life Balance (5)


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